Effective Hair Loss Treatments

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Effective Hair Loss Treatments

Reclaim Your Confidence!

Suffering from hair loss can be a very distressing experience, it can often lead to depression and feelings of shame as we compare ourselves to others. 

With the magnitude of treatments available it can be very confusing to know what’s right for you, and your specific hair loss condition. 

With advancements in modern hair loss solutions it is now possible to effectively slow down and improve hair loss. Not every case of hair loss is the same, so we create a tailored treatment plan designed to effectively improve your hair loss.

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“With hair loss being such a common condition, and witnessing first hand the devastating effect it has on our patient’s life. We are so incredibly proud of the remarkable patient results we have achieved”

How Our Hair Loss Process Works:

Three simple steps to start your hair transformation journey with us

Book Your Free
Assessment with Us

Fill in our free assessment form and let us know how we can help you. One of our friendly staff members will reach out to arrange a time for you to visit us at our clinic and meet Dr Alam.

Visit Our Clinic For Your
Professional Assessment

During the assessment we will:
-Assess your hair condition.
- Answer any questions you have.
- Go through possible treatment options.
- Provide you with a treatment plan

Start Your Treatment With
An Award Winning Clinic

When you start your treatment with us, we are here with you every step of the way. We offer comprehensive aftercare and lifetime support with all of our treatments.

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How We Diagnose Your Hair Loss Condition

To get an accurate diagnosis of your hair loss condition, you will need to visit us at our specialised hair clinic. When you arrive at our clinic you will receive a warm welcome by Dr Alam, who will then take you through to our private room for your assessment. 

During the assessment you will discuss your medical history, and a physical examination will be done on your hair. Various tests may be carried out to analyse your current scalp and hair condition. After the assessment you will sit down to discuss findings and get to the root cause of your hair loss.

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Our Clients Incredible Hair Loss Transformation

Our valued client Owen sits down to discuss his battle with hair loss. For over a decade he suffered with a lack of confidence in public spaces. Resorting to him only wanting to leave the house if he could wear a hat. It got so bad that the thought of showing his hair without a hat at a public event, would lead to severe feelings of anxiety. 

One year post-treatment with us, Owens’s confidence in his hair really shines through! He now walks the streets with pride showing off his thick and full hair. We are incredibly proud to have been part of Owens’s hair loss transformation. 

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How We Create Your Treatment Plan

There are many causes behind hair loss, and while they can be categorised, there are traits that make them unique to us. Each patient responds differently to treatments, and having helped over 2000 patients with hair loss, Dr Alam has a strong indication of what will work for you. 

Once you have had your hair assessment, we will begin to discuss the possible treatment options with you. We will discuss the pros and cons of each treatment, giving you realistic expectations of what you can expect to achieve. Your treatment plan will be customised to you, taking into consideration the findings from your assessment.

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What Can You Expect During Your Treatment

Not everyone experiencing hair loss is a suitable candidate for hairline transplant surgery. Several factors play a crucial role in determining the viability and success of the procedure, as well as the longevity of the achieved results. Factors such as the extent of hair loss, the quality and quantity of available donor hair, the texture and color match between the donor and recipient areas, and the individual’s overall health and medical history are all important considerations.

Tom's Hairline Transformation


“Love it mate! Best money I’ve ever spent! Everyone is very impressed :)”

What You Can Expect During And After Your Treatment

Firstly, when you arrive at our clinic you will be greeted by a friendly member of staff. You will be offered a drink and a seat in our private waiting room before you meet Dr Alam. Before your treatment, Dr Alam will go through the treatment with you, answering any questions you may have and providing the reassurance you need. 

All the hair loss treatments we offer have slightly different processes, but this will be thoroughly discussed with you. After your treatment you will be given a complete after care package, this wil include any of the aftercare products that may be needed and a set of instructions to follow to ensure you get the best results from your treatment. We as a clinic are invested in your hair loss as much as you are, our aim is to ensure every patient receives outstanding care and excellent results.

About Our Hair Loss Expert Dr Suhail Alam


Dr Suhail Alam is the medical director and founder of Aventus Clinic. To date he has helped over 2000 individuals with their battle against hair loss. 

Renowned as one of the leading specialists in hair loss, he has travelled the world, researching advanced techniques and learning from the best in his field. 

With a deep rooted passion for patient care, Dr Alam founded Aventus Clinic with a mission to ensure every patient received world class treatment, with unmatched aftercare.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment cost will vary depending on the extent of your hair loss, and the treatment that is required. To give you an example of what it would cost, for minor/moderate hair loss our PRP treatment starts at £300 for a single session. But for an accurate idea on the costs involved, please book your assessment for us and we will be able to advise further.

To advise on results we would need you to visit us for your hair assessment. Some patients are able to see visible results in as soon as 4-8 weeks, with other patients taking a little longer. Results will also vary based on the treatment plan that is created for you, and the treatments involved, with each hair loss case being unique.

For some of our treatments, minor aftercare is required. Any treatment you receive at Aventus Clinic, you will be given all the information you need to ensure a smooth recovery and the best possible results.

Yes we provide customised treatment plans for both male and female hair loss. Hair loss is common in all genders, and each patient will receive customised care based on their condition.

Our initial online assessment is free, you can send us photos and we can advise on your current hair loss situation. Once we have advised, if you want to take the first step on your journey you will need to come in for a clinical assessment and this is charged at £90. You will have a 1 to 1 assessment with Dr Alam who has years of experience in treating hair loss. You will have a full custom treatment plan tailored to you.

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