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Went for a consultation and was certainly impressed to the high level this clinic was setup, state of the art equipment and outstanding customer service will definitely recommend.


My consultation was with Dr Alam, who took the time to review my concerns & provide professional caring advice. I would certainly recommend Aventus Clinic.


I wanted to share my story. I have tried various products and oils to help the thinning of my hair. After my treatment the hair has begun to grow much more efficiently and I can already feel the root of the hair to be stronger and much healthier. Aventus Clinic has truly changed my life! Within minutes of arriving at the clinic I was made to feel welcome and put at ease from an extremely professional and down to earth team. All the anxiety that had built up had dropped straight away. My thoughts were in keeping the procedure to myself but now my mind has most definitely changed to which I will be recommending Aventus Clinic for basically giving me a new lease of life. I have got to say that there would not be enough words to put in this letter to explain my experience.


I had my hair transplant with Dr Alam, so far I have seen very positive results and should expect to see full results within 12-18 months. The biggest peace of mind was Dr Alam having considerable experience in hair transplants here in the UK, being correctly registered and going through a fantastic process of multiple consultations prior, during and after the surgery. Dr Alam was always a phone call or a WhatsApp message away and provided assurances throughout. Big thank you to him and his team ! I would happily recommend Dr Alam for FUE hair transplant.

M Ali

I had FUE hair transplant under the care and supervision of Dr Alam. I am very pleased with my results a year on since surgery. The consultation pre and post op was excellent, all my questions were answered, Dr Alam was very diligent in planning the op based on my needs and requirements. Very professional and great post op follow up and care. Would highly recommend.


It was just over 6 months after my hair transplant when I wasn’t noticing significant visible change that I was satisfied with when I contacted you. There was growth in some areas but not as much as I was hoping to see. It was at this time when I visited you for further consultation. You reassured me growth takes time especially in areas where there hadn’t been hair growth for awhile and you recommended a series of PRP treatment would help boost growth. I felt confident you would be administering the PRP treatment given your extensive background as a medical doctor. After a series of PRP treatment with you, I could see significant hair growth. I am extremely grateful for your advise and medical support not just for my hair growth but for helping me develop my confidence and self esteem at a time in my life when my hair lose was causing much stress and anxiety. My mental well-being has increased tremendously since your successful PRP treatment and support. Thank you so much for everything.


Want help dealing with your hair loss? Call us on 01462 5122166 to find out about how Aventus Clinic can help you on your hair growth journey today.

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