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Hair Transplant Graft Calculator

Hair Transplant Graft Calculator

Why Is It Important To Know How Many Grafts Are Needed for My FUE Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant can be an intricate procedure as a big part of the decision-making is the specific amount of hair grafts that one needs. This is when a hair graft calculator is a helpful tool for those interested in getting a hair transplant.

It helps you get an estimation of the grafts needed; however, you should consult with an experienced hair transplant team to have a more definite estimate.

How Many Grafts Would I Need for My FUE Hair Transplant?

Since each person’s hair type and head size are different, the number of grafts changes from person to person. Still, some rules of thumb calculations can provide a broad answer.

Our hair craft calculator will provide patients with an approximate number as a guide only. It needs to be noted that it may turn out you require slightly more or less than the result show.

How Do I Use the Quote Calculator Form Hair Graft Calculator?

Our hair graft calculator is easy to use and takes just a couple of seconds to complete. Simply fill in your details, and our calculator results will show how many grafts you’re likely to need.

– First, fill in the information on your age and ethnicity.

– Next, select the areas of the scalp where you need grafts.

– And that’s it! Now you have the estimated number of grafts you may need.

Hair Transplant Graft Calculator

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