Popping a Sebaceous Cyst

Popping a Sebaceous Cyst – Can I Burst a Sebaceous Cyst at Home? 

It can be very tempting to pop a sebaceous cyst yourself at home. Although these common skin growths are ultimately …

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stages of baldness

The Stages of Balding and Treatment Options

One of the most effective ways to prevent yourself from losing your hair as you age is to learn the …

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Hair trends to avoid hair loss

Hair Trends To Avoid To Prevent Hair Loss

  With #hairtrends2022 gaining 92.6m views on TikTok¹, hair inspiration online is more popular than ever. But how many of …

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Crown Hair Transplant

Crown Hair Transplants – Types, Cost, Timeline

Every hair transplant is different because every patient has different needs and requirements. Patients who suffer from thinning may wish …

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hair transplant timeline

Hair Transplant Timeline – Everything You Need to Know

Hair transplants produce natural-looking results by utilizing a patient’s own hair to fill in the balding areas of the scalp. …

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sunny day London

The Top Ten Sunniest Cities in The UK Revealed

With temperatures reaching 40 degrees for the first time on record in the UK this year, it’s predicted that we …

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