PRP For Hair Loss

Platelet-Rich Plasma is a non-surgical treatment for hair loss which stimulates new growth. Here we explain how PRP for hair loss works and how effective it is

What is PRP?

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a non-surgical treatment for hair loss in which the scalp is injected with a client’s own platelets as obtained from a blood sample.

PRP contains a range of growth factors and proteins, with this helping to accelerate the body’s healing process, with the concentrated platelets thought to stimulate new hair growth.

Though PRP has been used for things like muscle injuries and skin restoration, PRP for hair loss is a relatively new treatment.

This is a clinically proven treatment with several studies showing PRP injections reduced hair loss, increased the diameter of the hair and improved overall growth density.

While the results of PRP on hair thinning will vary from patient to patient, the process itself is very safe and reliable.

How does PRP for hair loss work?

To create the PRP solution that is injected into the scalp, a clinician will take a blood sample and put it in a centrifuge machine.

This process separates the different components of the blood to allow for the extraction of a concentrated platelet solution.


Platelets are one element of blood responsible for things like blood clotting and healing injuries.

In PRP for hair loss a plasma solution containing roughly five times the concentration of the average platelet level is injected into the scalp to help promote new hair growth.

As platelets are integral to wound repair it is thought that they might also have the potential to help to repair damaged follicles that have contributed to hair loss and stimulate new growth.

How effective is PRP for hair loss?

PRP is thought to be more effective on areas of the scalp which are not yet entirely bald as this increases the chances of hair follicles being able to be repaired.


Who is PRP suitable for?

A majority of individuals are eligible for PRP for hair loss, however you may be advised against the process if you fall into one of the following categories:

How much does PRP for hair loss treatment cost?

Generally PRP requires three treatment sessions, with each session 4-6 weeks apart and top up appointments advised for every 6 months to help sustain new growth. 

Generally PRP is deemed a cosmetic procedure and is therefore not covered by insurance plans, however you should always double check this in case.

At Aventus Clinic the price of PRP starts at £300 per treatment. We want to ensure our clients receive the best possible value without compromising on quality.

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If you’re interested in exploring PRP treatments in more detail get in touch with us today to book a consultation.

From this we will be able to assess your suitability for PRP or recommend on the best alternatives for you.

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