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Soft Tissue
Ultrasound Scan

Soft Tissue Ultrasound Scan

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Same Day Lumps And Bumps Scan

Have you noticed an unusual lump and bump in your skin? Or perhaps it has changed size or shape and you are feeling worried about the cause of it. Our soft tissue scans provide same day results to put your mind at ease. Carried out by a qualified sonographer you will receive a fully written diagnosis and high quality images with expert advice.

How Our Soft Tissue Scan Process Works:

Three simple steps for your scan and diagnosis.

Arrive At Our Clinic For Your Scan

When you arrive at our clinic for your scan, you will be greeted by a friendly member of our team. You will be taken through to our patient waiting area with comfortable seating and complimentary drinks.

During Your Scan With Us

You will be taken through to our private treatment room, a qualified sonographer will discuss your skin condition with you before applying ultrasound gel, your skin lump will be assessed and high quality images captured.

Diagnosis And Treatment

Once we have scanned your tissue we will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan if required. You will receive printed images of the lump and we can email your health provider if needed.

Ultrasound Soft Tissue Scan

What Our Soft Tissue Scans Can Diagnose

This scan for soft tissue lumps and bumps provides a detailed examination of various body parts, focusing on the skin layers and underlying muscles, and is intended for individuals aged 16 and older. However, it does not cover the breast tissue, thyroid, or armpits (axilla).

  • Cysts, including Ganglion and Lipoma

  • Foreign bodies

  • soft tissue swellings and lumps

  • skin changes

  • foreign bodies

  • hernias

  • unexplained swelling

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Frequently Asked Questions

A soft tissue ultrasound scan works by using an ultrasound probe to create high frequency sound waves that create an image of inside your body. The sound waves will reflect off different areas in your body and will be converted into a picture that shows what’s happening inside. This allows a qualified sonographer to provide an accurate diagnosis on soft tissues lumps and bumps.

No you do not need a referral to book a soft tissue scan with us. Sometimes it can be helpful to have a scan done in advance before you see your healthcare professional. We will provide you with a detailed written report along with high quality images and recommendations.

Preparing for a soft tissue ultrasound scan is generally straightforward. In most cases, no special preparation is needed. However, it’s recommended to wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow easy access to the area being scanned.

Yes in most cases you will receive your results immediately after your scan. You will be provided detailed information that includes a full written report and high quality images of your lump.

Soft tissue ultrasound scans are very safe and non-invasive, with no known risks or side effects. The procedure uses sound waves to create images and does not involve any radiation exposure, making it safe for all patients, including pregnant women. During the scan, you might feel slight pressure from the ultrasound probe, but it is generally painless. 

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