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IV Vitamin Therapy Hertfordshire

Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a treatment in which vitamins and minerals are transferred directly to the bloodstream. Discover how our tailor made IV vitamin therapy can help you boost your nutrient levels to help you feel your best today.

What is IV vitamin therapy?

Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a treatment in which vitamins and minerals are transferred directly to the bloodstream, boosting nutrient levels to help you feel your best. IV vitamin therapy is used to ease the symptoms including chronic fatigue, jet lag, hangovers and much more.

Administered in both drip and injection form, formulas used in IV vitamin therapy are custom designed according to your needs. One common formula is ‘Myer’s cocktail’ developed by American physician John Myers which is made up of high levels of magnesium and vitamins B and C. This infusion has a broad range of benefits including immune support, boosting energy and performance.

How does IV vitamin therapy work?​

IV vitamin therapy works by giving you a top up of valuable nutrients directly into your bloodstream, this is the fastest and most effective way to get vital nutrients into the body. These increased levels of nutrients can lead to an immediate physiological response, clients come away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.​

What can IV vitamin therapy be used to treat?

IV vitamin therapy treatments are tailored to your specific needs, from alleviating the effects of low energy to boosting performance levels and immune response. At Aventus Clinic we offer a range of different IV vitamin therapy treatments depending on your needs. Our doctors will carry out a full assessment before selecting the most appropriate infusion regime these are designed to meet your unique needs.

What can I expect?

Before your IV vitamin therapy session you will have a consultation with a doctor which will help us determine what you want out of the treatment and allow the doctor to tailor the best formula for you to address these needs.

Once selected, you merely sit back and relax as vitamins and minerals are infused directly into your bloodstream, boosting your levels and leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated session.

How long do treatments take?

IV vitamin therapy takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to carry out depending on the type of treatment you are having. Patients are able to continue with their day almost immediately after their appointment.
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