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Beard Roller

Do Beard Rollers Work For Beard Growth?

Wondering, “Are beard rollers effective?” In search of a denser beard, many turn to beard rollers, curious about their efficacy. This article offers a balanced ...
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Itchy Scalp

Itchy Scalp Means Hair Growth: Myths, Facts, and Effective Solutions

Itchy scalp means hair growth – is this a fact or a myth? Contrary to popular belief, an itchy scalp often points to scalp conditions ...
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Collagen Powder

Does Collagen Help Hair Growth

Are you considering collagen to enhance your hair growth? Collagen, a powerhouse protein for skin and joint health, may also play a pivotal role in ...
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Post Transplant Sleeping

How To Sleep After A Hair Transplant

If you’re wondering how to sleep after a hair transplant, you’re not alone. Rest is crucial, but so is protecting your new grafts. To help ...
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How long does a hair transplant last

How Long Does A Hair Transplant Last

How Long Does a Hair Transplant? As a leader in successful and permanent hair transplants, we created this guide to help you understand if hair ...
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Mature Hair line

Do You Have a Mature Hairline? Here’s Everything That You Need to Know

What is a Mature Hairline? Hair loss of any kind is distressing, which is why many men worry when their mature hairline begins to develop. ...
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Hair Transplant Dr Suhail

Hair Transplant Cost UK

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost In The UK? Answer – In the UK, the price of this procedure starts from around £2,500 and ...
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Can You Wear A Hat After A Hair Transplant

How Long After A Hair Transplant Can I Wear A Hat?

How Long After a Hair Transplant Can You Wear a Hat? Answer – 10/14 days after your hair transplant, you can start to wear a ...
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fue vs fut

FUT vs FUE Hair Transplants – Which is Better?

What is a hair transplant? A hair transplant is a surgical treatment that reverses hair loss.  Hair loss occurs when the hair follicles (which are ...
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Ganglion Cyst from hard work and painful

The Relationship Between Ganglion Cysts and Vitamin D Deficiency

What is a Ganglion Cyst?   Ganglion cysts are small, fluid-filled sacs that grow beneath the skin. They are non-cancerous, so they do not present ...
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lipoma liposarcoma

Lipomas vs. Liposarcoma – What’s the Difference?

What Is A Lipoma?  A lipoma is a supple, doughy lump of fat cells beneath the skin. These fatty spots are benign, as the fat ...
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has price harry had hair transplant

Has Prince Harry had a Hair Transplant?

Prince Harry has been hitting the headlines a lot in recent months. This new wave of attention began three months ago, when Netflix released Harry ...
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