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Premature Balding

Early Warning Signs: How to Tell If Your Going Bald Prematurely

Are you seeing more hair in your brush than usual or observing a receding hairline? You might be wondering, “how to tell if you’re going ...
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Pregnancy Hair Loss

Understanding The Effects Pregnancy Has On Hair Loss

Pregnancy can influence the biggest hormonal changes a woman will experience in her life. During the hormonal rollercoaster of pregnancy, oftentimes side effects will occur ...
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Woman holding birth control pills in her hand

Can Birth Control Cause Hair Loss?

There are many different types of hormonal birth control treatments available, but arguably the most popular is what’s known as the “pill”. If you have ...
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Moles on a womans back

Is An Itchy Mole A Cause For Concern?

If you have an itchy mole, it can be alarming as there are many myths (and in some cases truth) that an itchy mole can ...
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Man wearing a baseball cap

Does Wearing a Hat Cause Hair Loss?

If you are searching the internet for “ Does wearing a hat make you go bald “ you will find some varying information, some claiming ...
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How much does mole removal cost

How Much Does Mole Removal Cost?

We are often asked the question “ How much does it cost to remove a mole? “ Typically the cost to remove a single mole ...
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Photo of a man inspecting his receding hairline in the mirror

Understanding Your Receding Hairline: Detection And Treatment Options

Have you noticed your hairline creeping backwards in the corners? You are not alone if you are facing this issue, in fact over 42% of ...
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Photo of a ginger haired man, suffering with a unevening hairline

Uneven Hairline: What Causes It And The Available Treatment Options

Have you noticed your hairline on one side is slightly higher or thinner than the other side? This asymmetrical or wonky hairline can create an ...
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Photo of a man with a m shaped hairline

What Is An M Shaped Hairline?

Hairlines come in many shapes and forms, and can often make us feel uncomfortable if we are not happy with their appearance. With over 50% ...
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Private Dermatology Benefits

How Much Does It Cost to See a Private Dermatologist In The UK?

If you are searching for a private dermatologist, the cost is often a big factor in this decision. The cost of a private dermatologist in ...
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A photo showing creatine supplement

Does Creatine Cause Acne Or Make It Worse?

Does creatine cause acne? There is no direct scientific evidence that shows a connection between taking creatine and acne outbreaks. However, as we will discover ...
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White Spots Under The Eyes: Causes And Effective Treatment Options

Have you noticed little white spots around your eyes? Chances are you’re likely encountering milia, a common, benign skin condition.  These small white spots around ...
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